Weekends are generally scheduled for a Men’s Weekend and a Women’s Weekend each fall at The Visitation Monastery in Mobile, and a Men’s Weekend and Women’s Weekend each spring at the Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat in Holy Trinity (Fort Mitchell).  We currently have the following weekends scheduled:

Fall Weekends 2017

Men’s Weekend #134: Sep 14-17, Visitation Monastery, Mobile
Rector: Mike Mahoney

Women’s Weekend #135: Sep 28-Oct 1, Visitation Monastery, Mobile
Rectora: Jackie Simmonds

Spring Weekends 2018

Men’s Weekend #136: Feb 22-25, Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat, Holy Trinity
Rector: David Barranco

Women’s Weekend #137: Mar 1-4, Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat, Holy Trinity
Rectora: Theresa Gorman


Scrapbook from Past Weekends

Group photos from past Cursillo Weekends in the Mobile Archdiocese.

Women's #38 - Holy Trinity March 22-25, 2001

Photos from Women's Cursillo #38 held at Holy Trinity on March 22-25, 2001. Photographer: Beth Nicol

Women's #89